"​ Your comfort is important to us"

Premium Dry Cleaning at OLDC

Process of dry cleaning is carried out with different machines, solvents and equipments and demands careful scrutiny as we have to deliver the linen as new as it was bought by the customer.

We know customers get their expensive clothes dry cleaned, also expect their clothes to be taken care by experts during dry cleaning process and at Occasions, it is our foremost responsibility to win trust, build relationship and to keep all our customers happy by providing ‘Fabric Friendly Solutions.’ 

Benefits of Dry Cleaning @ OLDC

  1. Free pick-up & delivery in Mohali & Chandigarh (minimum order: Rs. 250/-)​

  2. Industry’s best solvents are used to remove any stain or spot by ensuring good health of your fabric. 

  3. Garments are vacuum ironed to remove every wrinkle and we ensure you get sparkling garments delivered within the stipulated time.