The entire process of Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services is as follows:
Spot Removing:
For removing spots of turmeric, rust, ink, oil, tea, etc., specific solvent is applied along with vacuum & heat treatment before it is sent for further processing.
Under this process, garments are machine washed in a controlled manner in hot and cold water as per requirement and laundry detergent (liquid form – depending upon the fabric), antiseptic and softener are the main ingredients.
Under this process, garments are put in a mesh bag and then processed further in a different machine for water extracting.
Solvent Process:
For Dry-Cleaning; chemical solvents are used other than water and petrol. Garments are put into machine wherein non-aqueous solvent is released at steady pace to nourish the garments.
Solvent Extract:
Here the machine starts releasing warm air and extracts solvent from the garment and gives your garment a new look as it was bought by your good-self.
Vacuum Iron:
After hydro-extract (laundry process) or solvent-extract (dry-clean process), garments are steamed iron to remove wrinkles from it.

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Process @ OLDC